Every project directly impacts your company's success.

What is Project Management?

When it comes to your business, every project is important, and every project deserves the best management. A Project Management Professional is a certified expert in project management who has rigorously demonstrated both their knowledge expertise, their skill set, and their experience. At AMD Plus we apply “Tried and True” mythologies to every aspect of your project, from initiation, to planning, execution, monitoring, and closing. We follow a precise protocol for project planning and execution to ensure that your project not only is completed on time, on budget, and within scope, but that you -our client- is confident in your knowledge and understanding of the process from start to finish.

The Project Management Plan

Every project has a set of 13 different areas that a Project Manager is resposible for, from the budget, timeline, procurement, contract negotiation, to human resources and risk management. The project plan allows for the project team to stay on the same page in how the project is progressing, how progress will be communicated, how risks will be approached, and how successful project completion will be turned over to the stakeholder.

Cost Management

Cost management is ensuring that the project is inline with the project plan, and determining the variance between the estimate at completion and the budget at completion.

Procurement Management

Procurement Management plans and tracks every aspect of procurment and contract management.We work carefully with our vendors and contractors to keep the project on time, onbudget, and within scope.

Risk Management

Risks are inevitable in project management, but careful planning, qualitative, and quantitative analysis will prevent risks from becoming an issue.

Scope Management

Project Scope Management is concerned with making sure that the statement of work is fully achieved and that our finished project deliverables are accepted by our clients and meet their initial expectation.

Communications Management

90% of a project's success is a result of communication. Communications Management carefully plans and directs all communication to make sure that the project is successful.

Time Management

Our project managers are experts at time management. A late project is a failed project; we are dedicated to constructing a schedule that is achievable and responsible.