Project Consulting and Quality Auding

Not every project needs a dedicated project manager or the full force of a project management office, but every project can benefit from our practices and tools. If you are taking on a project that doesn’t necessitate full-time project planning, we offer project consulting services.

  1. Project Work Package
    Construct a project outline, determine the work package for vendors, and identifying key deliverables and time estimations.
  2. Cost Benefit Analysis
    Examin the ROI and perform cost benefit analysis between different projects to aid in project selection.
  3. Earned Value Analysis
    Perform Earned Value Analysis throughout the project life cycle to determine the projected estimated cost for the project at completion as well as to monitor project efficiency.
  4. Risk Analysis
    Identify, track, and manage risks associated with the project and the associated reserve funds to ensure sucessful risk mitigation.
  5. Procurement Management
    Manage and audit procurement excersizes for the project.

Risk Management Policy

First, we create a Risk Management Policy which is customized to each project. The Project Risk Management Policy is approved by our client which identifies where the potential risks are, who will be responsible for ensuring the “safety” of the project, establishes the proper financial reserves to ensure that the project timeline will not be impacted by risks, and schedules the processes throughout the project lifecycle. We also use various tools to categorize, identify impact, and track risks.


Second, we work with the project team, our customers, and industry experts to identify the potential risks the project faces, and ensure that each risk is understood clearly and articulated precisely. We then use Qualitative and Quantitative analysis to exam each risk in both terms of the impact that each risk have individually and in terms of the project as a whole.