Successful Projects = Successful Progress

In order for your company to adapt to a changing marketplace you need to make intelligent choices that are going to help you achieve your goals. Goal based programing allows you to identify which projects will help accomplish your business objectives and ensure that you are directing your time and resources in projects that will bring yield the greatest return for your organization.

Program Management

Program management is focused on helping an organization reach their high level business objectives, and is generally value based in nature. A program is a collection of projects which are interrelated and together obtain a greater benefit for the company than each individual project would generate individually.

Project Management

PMPs believe that successful projects are those carefully planned, using trusted methodologies and tested techniques. At the center of every project is what PMs refer to as the “Triple Constraint” which are the three cornerstones of every project: Cost, Time, and Scope. Although each of these need to be carefully planned, monitored, and controlled, there are many more variables that will make a project successful… or make it fail. Complete Project Management look and plan for each of these variables, such as human resources, contract management, procurement, communications requirement, and stakeholder relationships. A PMP can create a detailed project plan that eliminates any uncertainty.

Risk Management

Every project has risks. From small changes in a product to massive server relocations, risk is an inevitable fact. Project managers understand risk and believe that risk should be planned into a project. Each identified risk is carefully analyzed and undergoes both qualitative and quantitative risk analysis to identify the cost of the risk on the project, the likelihood of the risk occurring, and the priority level of the risk. Risk responses are then developed so that even if a risk should become an issue it will not effect the outcome of the project.