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Various articles on Project Management.

Challenges of Analytics Program Implementation Most projects are not implemented in a vacuum; analytic programs, IT infrastructure and platform implementations, and business development initiatives are all executed in a live operational business environment. These environments, specifically when implementing an Analytics Program, create unique challenges to the project or program’s successful execution if not taken into account in the communications management plan, the stakeholder management plan, and the risk management plan. Corporate stakeholder buy-in, particularly that […]

In Philosophy of Science we ask “What is science?” and how does science “work?” It is easy to sometimes forget that everything, even science, has a limit and in order to practice science we have to know what that limit is. It would be foolish of a project manager to start constructing a building, or any project for that matter, without knowing the scope of the project. When we use a tool such as a […]

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For every task there are 3 distinct types of risk: Execution Failure, Process Error, and Consequential Error. By analyzing task values, and asking “why am I performing this task,” we can use logic to determine what 3 areas of risk we need to examine in our Risk Register.

We are notorious for focusing on our sacred “Triple Constraint:” Time, Cost, and Scope. When we begin work on the project plan, and throughout the course of a project, our goal is to accurately anticipate and predict every aspect of the project execution so that the plan we create maintains a high level of confidence; we aim for our project timeline and our budgets to be exact and anticipatory of every conceivable permutation so that […]