About Andrew

Andrew is a certified PMP (Project Management Professional) whose career focus has been on business development project and programming, as well as IT projects in web development, database and server management, and technological service implementation.

Highest Standard of Knowledge
Andrew holds himself to a high standard for professional development by continually increasing his knowledge and expertise in the field of Project Management and Development practices.
Highest Standard of Professionalism
Andrew recognizes he not only represents the Project he is managing, but the client. He believes in the highest standard of professionalism, character development, and integrity.
“I believe that the single most important mark of an individual is their character: how their actions align with their ethics, their principals, their values, and their words. I hold myself to an impeccable standard that I admit is nearly impossible to achieve, and a firm belief that that which is nearly impossible is completely possible and worth achieving.”
“I believe in truth, and that our ability to succeed both personally and as a team is based on our dedication to the truth. I’ve taken an oath as a PMP to always commit and convey the truth to my stakeholders. I hold the same value in my personal life.”
“I am soley responsible for my actions and I take responsibility for my actions, both personally and professionally. The actions of others do not predicate my actions. What others say and do, and how they treat me has no bearing on how I respond, and I will maintain my high standard because of who I am.”
Lifelong Student
“I believe that in order to be successful we need to continue increasing our understanding and our knowledge. As a project manager, I continually attend workshops, seminars, and conferences to increase my knowledge and my understanding. I intend to be one of the best minds in my field, and believe that is part of my character.”

“My purpose as a Project Manager is to not only understand every aspect of the project I am responsible for; it is to act as the face and mind of the project I am on, being so in tune with the project that the finished project is a reflection of me. That is why as project managers we are so focused on values such as honesty, character, truthfulness, etc. How we complete a project is just as important as when we complete a project, or how much we complete a project for, because our project is a reflection of us, which is a direct reflection of our client. As a PMP, I am not only the face of our Project, but I am the representation of my clients.”

Andrew’s History

Undergraduate Education

I graduated from Loyola University Chicago Cum Laude from the Philosophy honors and English Honors programs. In philosophy I honed my logic and analytical skills which makes him adept in understanding how to build conceptual systems as well as how to deconstruct and analyze these systems. My logic and conceptual skills allowed him to pick up programming languages (which are based upon logic) easily and I taught himself several languages, including PHP. My focus in English was on linguistics, principally to examine how language relates to technical systems and the science in order that we can accurately explain science in a clear and meaningful way without depending upon mathematics.

Post-Graduate Education

I am currently studying Analytics at Northwestern University in Evanston. My focus in analytics is both the science and how it relates to A.I. and Machine Learning systems, as well as how analytics can be implemented in Project Management.

Previously I completed the project management program at DePaul University, earning a 4.0 GPA, and receiving my certificate in Project Management. My coursework focused on all 13 distinct areas of project management including:
■ Project Integration Management
■ Project Cost Management
■ Project Time Management
■ Project Scope Management
■ Project Change Management
■ Project Risk Management
■ Project Procurement and Contract Management
■ Project Stakeholder Management
■ Project Human Resource Management
■ Project Quality Management

Current Consulting and Project Management

In 2011 I founded my corporation AMD Plus, LTD, which focused on providing services to small businesses with the philosophy that small businesses do not need to hire employees in order to survive but rather need to align with other business. Conglomerations of small business would not only promote mutual growth but would provide increased staff, allowing them to be competitive with larger organizations.

As the business grew, I changed the focus of AMD Plus, LTD from SaaP to specializing in business development and project management. After founding Naperville Project Management Group, AMD Plus became responsible for business development and development programs within my client companies, analyzing areas where companies could grow and developing specific programs to reach those needs. Subsequently Naperville Project Management Group was responsible for putting those changes into action.

I have worked with 10 small business and on various projects and programs, from web development and server management projects, to developmental programs such as workload management, time management, and product development.


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